by Calvin Thrall

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released January 3, 2014

recorded on my iPhone.
because, you know. fuck it.



all rights reserved


Calvin Thrall Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

writing songs to look into the future with a mix of bashful hopefulness and unmitigated terror to.

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Track Name: brush your tongue
you never knew my name, all you knew was the shape of my face, you were
unmotivated, unhappy and just too tired
you made sure that I was aware, of your shirt, and the length of your hair,
it’s an all too human need, to be desired

I guess you never thought about

the way you might leave me feeling

no longer something we talk about

I guess we’re both busy healing

you left a taste in my mouth, I just haven’t been able to wash out, it’s
not so strong now, but I still know it’s there
so instead of brushing my tongue, I’ll just smile and take life as it comes, there’s
only so much you can do with your palms still bare.
Track Name: we used to hang out
I don’t have to sit here one more minute
and listen to you talk about my tattoos and my hair
I tell a story, then you’ll spin it
and I don’t have to tell you that it isn’t very fair
I never used to have an issue
with your pedantry and, your stupid lies
but now it seems that when I’m with you
just making pleasantries gets harder every time

and it’s not cool
what you’re doing

and I suppose it’s only human
to want to give someone a second chance to be your friend
but now there’s nothing left to ruin
and the best thing for some friendships is for them to fine’ly end
I’d like to say no one’s to blame here
but it’s so obvious that this is all your fault
stop me if I’m being too insane here
but I thought that we could go about our lives like two adults?

maybe I’m wrong
yeah, I think I’m wrong
Track Name: 2011 was a bummer and a half
the thought of the airplane kept me awake at night
just the notion I was five hundred and twenty miles from
a life that’d just begun to feel alright
I lost control and I almost forgot my own name

that was the year I didn’t give a shit
about my hair or my unhealthy repression
and now that I’m here looking back on it
that basement is the coldest place I’ve ever been